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"Unless our minds are stable and calm, no matter how comfortable our physical condition may be, they will give us no pleasure.  Therefore, the key to a happy life, now and in the future, is to develop a happy mind."

Quote by Dalai Lama

Hypnotherapy explained in simple terms

Hypnotherapy is a technique used by a qualified professional to help the individual make positive changes in their life.  It can be used to provide relief from both physical and emotional issues.

It is simply, an altered state of consciousness that we all experience every day. Hypnosis allows the subconscious mind become open and suggestible.  It is a state of deep physical relaxation that allows the mind to become clear, alert and focused. It is not  a mystical and magical act and you will always be in control.

A little Information about me

As a qualified integrative  psychotherapist and registered nurse I have a passion to help people resolve a variety of issues , reach their full potential and most importantly achieve peace of mind by getting rid of unwanted limiting beliefs and behaviours. I use a mix of hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to achieve effective results and resolutions.  

Background Training/Qualifications

Integrative Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy- Dip

Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnosis and NLP - Cert

Registered Mental Health Nursing Adv Dip   

 Therapeutic Counselling- Cert

What hypnotherapy can be used to treat

A variety of psychosomatic disorders (often mental and emotional states of the mind can actually produce symptoms).

Emotional suffering that has become overwhelming.

Thoughts and behaviours that are serving you no purpose.

In a nutshell, hypnotherapy can generally can be used to facilitate change and help you gain the confidence and the tools to alleviate and remove any issues that are troubling you.

Most importantly, we all have the tools within us to make effective changes to improve our overall well being.

The Process and Outcomes

It is helpful and productive to understand that personal change is often dependent on your own motivation.

Please be open and honest about your issues and your desired outcomes.  I feel that it is important for me to take a detailed history, this enables me to put to together an effective plan that is individual to your own personal issues and desired outcomes.

The length of sessions is dependent on the complexity of the issue. This is to say that every client is assessed on an individual basis.  Some clients may make progress swiftly, whereas others may need more time to reach their desired outcome.  As a professional therapist, I will always be guided by my ethical guidelines and will always act in my clients best interests.  I will act to resolve your issues by only carrying out sessions that are needed for your desired outcome.

Hypnotherapy is a very safe and gentle process that makes you feel physically and mentally relaxed.  I provide a safe environment and will support you to make positive and beneficial changes to your life.

Hypnotherapy is not a form of magic, but the results can certainly feel like it.

My own testimonial

Lastly,  I have used psychotherapy in my own personal life to make positive changes, hence my belief in its effectiveness which inspired me to train as a qualified therapist alongside being a registered mental health nurse.

Other Information you may find useful


Our sessions are always confidential, only around issues of high risk would I have an obligation to break this

Commitment between therapist and client

I will respect your wishes and views at all times to work confidentiality and collaboratively to reach your desired outcomes.

The more honest and open you are about your thoughts, feelings behaviours , the more effectively we can work together to reach your desired outcomes to transform your life.

My Fees

FREE 20-30 minute telephone consultation

50 minute standard session  = £70.00

Payment to be made by cash or bank transfer on initial appointment.  Thereafter  independent arrangements can be made.

Special considerations can be made for oncology patients.  If you are struggling with sickness and pain,  hypnotherapy may help you relax and cope better with symptoms and treatment.  It can also help with depression, anxiety and stress in relation to the same.  We can discuss and agree an appropriate fee at a reduced rate based on your individual financial circumstances.

Contact Information

Janice Whittaker

Whiteacres Therapy

Norwood Therapy Rooms

573 Norwood Road

London. SE27 9DL

Telephone :07782 402235 

Email: janice@whiteacrestherapy.com


I will require at least 48 hrs notice by telephone or text message if you are unable to attend your appointment.  Should you not give adequate notice or turn up for your appointment , I shall be obliged to charge you for your session. 

Complaints in respect of my professional conduct

Please be assured that if you have any concerns about my professional conduct, then you may contact the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Council).